You need:
–2 cups of peeled and diced potatoes
–bacon (4 slices of center cut, diced)
–1/2 cup of finely diced onion and celery
–2T flour
–2 cups of chicken stock (I prefer dissolving a tab of buillion in 2 cups of hot water)
–1 small can creamed corn
–1/2 cup of whole milk or light cream

In my favorite bright orange Le Creuset , render the bacon until crispy. remove it from the pot, leaving most of the grease.

Using the bacon grease, soften onions and celery. Once softened, add flour and stir and cook about 3 minutes.

Slowly add a little bit of the chicken stock, stirring to thicken it (like you would start a gravy), then add the rest. Bring to a boil.

Add potatoes and bring back to boil. Turn down the heat and let simmer for 15 minutes.

Once potatoes have softened, use a potato masher to break down some of the potatoes, making some small chunks, and leaving some bigger chunks.

Return bacon to the pot and add the creamed corn. Let simmer another 15 minutes or so.

Turn off the heat and add the milk or cream. You can vary the amount of milk depending on your liking. (I don’t do dairy so I add just enough to make it creamy)

At this point, you can add all kinds of other ingredients…chicken, shrimp, crab meat, scallops, minced clams are all delicious. Thommy likes his with chicken, and I like mine with salmon, so sometimes I’ll cook those separately and add them to our bowls. I also like roasted sweet potatoes tossed in at the end.