I am so in love with this potato salad.


–Sour Cream, maybe a cup

–Mayo, no more than a third cup

–tiny bit of mustard, any kind really, maybe a half tablespoon

–apple cider vinegar, third of cup..then taste, you might want more

–finely chopped onion

Mix all of that together and let it marry for a bit before you put in on the potatoes


The rest:

–Potatoes I normally prefer Yukon Gold or classic white potato for this salad. I always peel them. And I chop some big pieces and some small pieces. Boil them and chill them.

–Blue cheese crumbles

–Bacon, chopped and rendered to crispy

–small diced red pepper

Do I need to say this part?: Mix all of these things and then fold in the dressing. RefrigerateĀ  for at least an hour or so to let all the flavors combine.